Frequently asked Questions

Q: What services are provided by ForexTradeForecast?

A: As the name states, ForexTradeForecast is a forex signal provider firm that provides forecast signals in the Forex and binary options markets.

Q: I am interested in the daily forecast. What time can I expect to receive signals? Is there a fixed time or do you send signals anytime?

A: We provide a daily forecast in a specific time frame between 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM in the Europe session and in the US session around 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST . For more details on our signal sending schedule please visit: and to convert to your time zone enter your location vs New york at:

Q: I am interested to see your Forex signals performance.

A: If you want to see our past performance you can click the link below:

Q: Before I subscribe to your service, I would like to know how accurate your alerts are?

A: Our accuracy is 80 to 90%, and 5 to 10 % draw down, but overall you will be in profit. You can check our past performance which is comparable to past charts and data:

Q: I have experience in Forex trading but I am keen to learn Forex trading - can I trade Forex easily?

A: Yes. We provide spot trading signals the same like Forex signals. It is very easy to trading Forex in spot or forex market when you follow our signals exactly.

Q: Do you provide binary options signals??

A: Yes. We provide Forex signals in binary options market as well as spot Forex market signals same like the binary options signals are same like Forex signals. It is very easy to trade currency pairs in binary options or forex market when you follow our signals exactly.

Q: Do you offer any other payment method other than PayPal and Stripe (Credit cards) ?

A: Yes, you can pay through Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union - you just need to contact us or email us and ask for the details.

Q: Do you close signals daily?

A: We provide Two signals every day on EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD currency pairs. It depends on your trading - if your margin allows you to leave it open, you can leave it open or close it after intraday. However, internationally nowadays it is a rule of thumb to close positions intraday because of pivots, resistance and support change on a daily basis.

Q: I checked your track record but I need to know at what time you send alerts to buy/sell?

A: The alerts are posted between 5:00 to 7:00 AM in the Europe session and 08:00-10:00 AM EST New York US Eastern Time in the US Session.

Q: I want to purchase Master mind Forex Trading System do I pay a one-time fee or recurring payments? Are there any hidden costs - please clarify?

A: You will pay a one-time fee to buy our Master mind Forex Trading System. There is no hidden or running monthly fee for our Forex Trading System, one of our team members will also guide you on Skype messenger.

Q: Which payment method do you accept for the Forex Trading System?

A: We only accept payments through Bank Wire transfer or Western Union. Please contact us for more details on how to send payment. Currently we are not accepting payments for the Forex Trading System through PayPal.

Q: How can I start trading Forex?

A: We recommend you open a demo trading account with any good broker. Some of them are mentioned above like Just download their free demo software and start trading virtually with a free demo trading account. A demo trading account is free of cost with all brokers and it is in a real market with virtual money. After getting experience you can start trading with real money. For more details please find the article link "How to trade Forex" on the main page of our website.

Q: When you place a trade targeting 500 pips and in the course of trading the market closes after picking 300 pips, how do you send signals to your customers informing them of the change?

A: We recommend two methods to our users. In the first method we recommend taking 200 to 300 points initially and exiting from trades because we know our signals go positive most of the time to at least 200 to 300 points. The second method is to buy our Forex Trading System and you will be able to generate your own signals so you can exit upon the changing of market trends.

Q: What is the difference between the Elite Memebrship (Manual Forex Signals) and Premium Membership (Automated Forex Signals) ?

A: The difference between the two is that our manual Forex signals are provided after human analysis and sent manually by email or sms, as far as Automated Forex signals are concern, the Automated Forex signals are provided by our Automated Forex system running on VPS Server, that sends emails to members automatically when open or close trades on MT4, the Automated signals are provided in Premium Membership (Automated signals) only for Automated signals (No SMS, Only emails are sent automatically), also posted on website automatically.

Q: What is the main difference between the Standard Package and the Elite Package?

A: The main difference is time. First we send signals to Elite members through SMS, then right after that we send Forex signals emails to Standard members and Elite members, and at the end we post Forex signals on our website for all other members.

Q: Can I pay for your services through credit card?

A: Yes, you can pay for our services with a credit card by using Stripe payment or PayPal.

Q: Can I trade profitably based on your Forex signals (assuming I am new to the Forex market, an amateur Forex trader or a novice to the Forex spot market)?

A: Yes, you can make profitable trades if you follow our signals with proper instructions and rules. If you are a new trader we recommend trading our signals on a demo account with rules and instructions and also see fundamental data news as well as technical. Then, when you feel you are good at trading then trade on a live account with real money. We are always here to help our members sincerely, so for more info on how to use our signals please visit our blog here:

Q: You close trades before time, how can i make same profit as posted on website?

A: We recommend to place 400 Pips Stoploss, and 400 Pips TP as first target, and 1000 Pips as second target, then wait for the trade to move towards target then move Stoploss towards target 

Q: Can your signals support Real Trade Broker (Metatrader 4)?

A: Yes, our signals support the most broker's platform that uses Metatrader 4 and Meta trader 5, and you can place trades on Metatrader 4 platform. Our signals are the same for everyone and it depends on how you are using the signals.

Q: What is the procedure to cancel my subscription?

A: You can cancel any subscription within the trial period. Alternatively if you don't want to carry on your subscription after the one week trial period, just log in to your PayPal account and click on the Subscription transaction then click the Cancel profile button.


Q: What are the Lots and Pips and relation to dollar?

A: There are 3 types of lots in forex, 1st is mini lot and if you open 10 mini lots its equal to 1 Standard lot means 10x10mini = 100 so in general forex trading : if you open 1 micro lot and get profit of 1 pip its = 10 cents if you open 1 mini lot and get profit of 1 pip its equal to 1 dollar if you open 1 standard lot and get profit of 1 pip its equal to 10 dollars giving you example bellow on same trade with micro lot, mini lot and with standard lot. means if you open micro lot trade on our signals and make 20 pips on 1 signal = 20x0.1 = $2 profit per pair signal means if you open mini lot trade on our signals and make 20 pips on 1 signal = 20x1 = $20 profit per pair signal means if you open standard lot trade on our signals and make 20 pips on 1 signal = 20x10 = $200 profit per pair signal so it totally depends on you to make $2 or 20 or $200 per signal. you need atleast $5000 to 10K to trade standard lot, and you need almost $2000 to $4000 to trade in mini lot and yes you can trade with $500 if you open micro lots of (0.1)

Q: I signed up with your service recently and i would like to upgrade my membership to Elite Membership and there is no option to upgrade it without being charged the full amount instead of paying the difference. ?

A: You can upgrade your membership any time but if you upgrade within first three days of joining you don't need to pay the difference and your membership will be upgraded, the members who join with Credit card through stripe or Paypal subscribers they need to cancel old subscription first and then subscribe for Elite membership.

Q: Which method is most profitable to follow your targets or set a 30 pip limit?

A: The team members mostly trades on first and third method, we close the positions as soon as they reach targets or reach our point we set on our trading platform, the closed positions closed lower than targets are actually closed on our third method and to make trades secure we set the targets 15 or 20 pips less, that\'s why positions closed before the time.

Q: How much Pips is the StopLoss on the trades ?

A: The SL or Stoploss on all trades is fixed 40 Pips, but it is totally depends upon our members to move their Stop loss according to market condition.



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